This is a good question. Why now? Why is research so important now? Why are we increasing the activity in innovation now? How will this affect me? Have you wondered about these questions? Innovation is the way forward in the Modern Age. People are demanding different things. The world is saying we have to fix […]

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As today marks International Nurses Day 2020, I would like to reflect on the contributions made by nurses since the time of Florence Nightingale as well as their efforts in nursing the world back to health over the years, especially amidst the current COVID19 pandemic. As most of us within the nursing world and beyond […]

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The world is facing a distressing situation due to COVID 19 and the resulting need for social distancing. What does this mean for the education environment? The logical next step is to move toward online studies. Many higher education providers and universities provide online studies as alternative learning in a classroom setting. Is this a […]

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Placing students’ learning needs and their access to acquiring skills and knowledge as a top imperative, IHM has undertaken several student-centred measures to respond to risks posed by the coronavirus pandemic. One of the initiatives the institute has taken is to provide complete online learning solutions for the students, streamlining and smoothening processes of delivery of learning modules and […]

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Even though today evidence based practice and medicine is widely accepted as the norm, till about twenty years ago this was riddled with controversy and was a topic that was hotly debated. It was in the late nineteenth century that evidence based practice was recognized as a practice that could lead to better quality patient […]

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A nursing career is undoubtedly complex, and having a mentor through the various stages of your career is a key factor in leadership development. The value of mentoring − both individual and collective − in fostering academic success and clinical excellence cannot be undermined. It is for this reason that more nursing education institutions are […]

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Practice nurses in Australia work within the community, in large and small healthcare centres, and provide nursing care and administer treatment and health education to a variety of patients. The role of the general practice nurse depends on the type of patients they see and the background in which they work, and typically a general […]

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The terms “climate change” and “global warming” are often used interchangeably in literature; however, climate change means a change in the climate state of affairs that has been caused by both natural and man-made factors. On the other hand, global warming is something that is happening just because of our own activities on this planet. […]

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Workplace violence is very common all over the world and when it comes to nurses, this violence has a huge impact on productivity in healthcare facilities. Physical assaults have been observed particularly on emergency department or ED nurses. Not only the employees but also the patients are affected by this kind of violence. It has […]

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