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Entry Program for Internationally Qualified Registered Nurses (EPIQ-RN)

Currently under teach-out arrangement –No longer taking Admission.

Quick Facts

  • Delivery Mode:

  • Accreditation:

  • Units:

  • Course Duration:
    12 weeks

  • Campus:
    Sydney, Perth & Melbourne

Course Overview

  • Award Titles: Entry Program for Internationally Qualified Registered Nurses (EPIQ-RN)
  • Accreditation: Australian Nursing and Midwifery Council (ANMAC)
  • Duration: 12 weeks. The course consists of 6 weeks delivered on campus and 6 weeks of Professional Experience Placement.
  • Campus: Sydney (Wentworth & Argyle St), Perth (Hay St Mall & St George Tce) & Melbourne (Heidelberg & CBD)
  • Organisation Delivering the Program: Institute of Health & Management (HEP ID: PRV 14040)
  • Organisation Issuing Certification: Institute of Health & Management (HEP ID: PRV 14040)


Entry Program for Internationally Qualified Registered Nurses (EPIQ-RN), enables overseas registered nurses to adapt to the Australian Health Care System and be assessed against the Registered Nurse Standards of Practice. The course is designed and developed to build on previous experience and knowledge of the overseas registered nurses. These nurses are required to be proficient in most general nursing knowledge, exhibit necessary skills and have experience nursing in different cultures and health care systems outside Australia

Currently under teach-out arrangement –No longer taking Admission.This program has been superseded by Outcomes-Based Assessment (OBA). Follow the link to know more:

Course Details


To be eligible for admission to the course an applicant is required to:


Upon completion of the course, internationally qualified nurses will be expected to:

CLO 1 Think critically and analyse evidence-based information to support clinical reasoning for providing effective and safe person-centred nursing care.
CLO 2 Engage in effective therapeutic and professional relationships with clients and multi-disciplinary teams for providing person centred nursing care.
CLO 3 Maintain the capability for practice through adherence to professional, legal, ethical standards and lifelong learning to ensure safe and effective nursing care.
CLO 4 Conduct culturally safe and holistic assessments to diverse groups and plan care in collaboration with the multi-disciplinary health care team.
CLO 5 Collaboratively construct, document and communicate nursing care plans based on subjective and objective assessment data.
CLO 6 Provide safe, appropriate and responsive quality nursing practice demonstrating leadership behaviours’ that contribute to an effective team culture.
CLO 7 Evaluate current nursing practice against agreed priorities, goals, plans and outcomes and revises nursing care accordingly.


Professional Experience Placements (PEP) is a compulsory component of this course, 100% attendance is mandatory. Students must complete all theory and simulation activities satisfactorily prior to attending PEP.

PEPs are undertaken in partnership with a wide range of health care facilities. These facilities are located throughout metropolitan, regional and rural areas, and in some cases interstate. Students must consider that they may be required to travel or relocate for the duration of their PEP. Students must account for additional costs for travel, accommodation during PEP.

After You Successfully Complete the EPIQ-RN

As an internationally qualified nurse who is interested in working in Australia, it is important you review the following important information about immigration to Australia, and registration and employment as a nurse in Australia.To work as a nurse in Australia, you need to apply for and be registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA). You may also need to apply for a visa issued by the Australian Department of Home Affairs.

Immigration and employment details.

Calculating Your Skills Points for Visa

Students applying for a skilled visa in Australia, require to score a minimum number of points on the Points calculator.

Check your current points.

Falling short on points? Call our admissions team to discuss your options.

Units of Study

Units of study Assessment Methods
NNS5806 – Nursing and the Healthcare System in Australia
  • Reflective Journal (formative)
  • Multiple-choice questions
  • Short answer examination (summative)
  • Essay
  • Group presentation
NNS5807 – Nursing Care in Australia
  • Reflective Journal (formative)
  • Case Study
  • Multiple-choice questions
  • Short answer examination (summative)
  • Quiz and practical assessment
  • Medication administration and Drug Calculation test
NCE5801 – Professional Experience Placement
  • Reflective Journal (formative)
  • Clinical Placement tool
  • Reflective Practice assessment

Course Start Dates

No longer taking admission

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