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The Online Experience

Studying online does not mean studying alone. The Institute of Health and Management (IHM) specialises in delivering postgraduate courses through online interaction. As with IHM’s courses, APPDCC online professional development programs and courses include interaction with educators, subject matter experts and support staff, as well as engaging content and stimulating learning activities.

The Virtual Classroom

Virtual classrooms allow students, lecturers and learning support staff to interact through voice communication, webcams and instant message chat whilst simultaneously viewing presentations, documents, a virtual whiteboard or screen.

Multimedia Content

IHM Postgraduate students experience a wide variety of content including images, videos, literature and animations that help participants to understand and engage with new knowledge and ideas.

Communicating with Classmates and Teachers Online

Online discussion forums work just like social media, but within a safe online environment, where students and lecturers can post questions, comments, images and files and engage in written discussion threads.

Live chat rooms enhance the communication experience by allowing students and lecturers to converse in real time, whilst maintaining a record of what is said.

Students can also contact lecturers and support staff by telephone, voice over internet protocol applications such as Skype, and mobile device applications.

Interactive Learning Activities

Lecturers work closely with web developers and instructional designers do develop engaging online lessons and learning activities that include decision making, scenarios and multimedia content. These are both educational and enjoyable and can help participants to develop critical thinking, problem solving and analytical skills as well as testing and acquiring new knowledge.

Online Library and Literature

IHM library resources are available to all students, including students undertaking courses online. The majority of resources are available over the internet, including eBooks, academic databases and electronic journals. Hard copy resources are available by postal loan or by attending the campus.


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