Professional Issues and Policies in Nursing and Specialisations - GDN3987/PCPN3987

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  • Prerequisites : Nil
  • CRICOS Eligibility : Eligible undertaken as part of the Graduate Diploma in Nursing - GDN
  • Delivery modes and locations :
    On campus – Sydney
  • AQF Level : 8 (Postgraduate)

About the Course

Nurses working in a 21st century clinical setting face many new and emerging challenges relating not only to developments in medicine, but also to the social, cultural, economic and political context in which their work is performed. These factors may have an impact on the scope of professional nursing practice, the relationship between primary, secondary and tertiary care and many other aspects of nursing and specialisations.

This unit provides the students with the opportunity to explore the relationship between nursing practice, health policy, and a range of social, environmental, cultural, economic and political issues that influence health and health care practice.

What makes nursing succeed? Is it the individual or the system?

Well, probably a bit of both, so why not be an individual who knows the system and helps to shape and improve it? As professionals, nurses are entitled to have their voice heard in the formulation of policy and law. Don’t just be a statistic! Have a voice! Take this unit.

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