Paediatric Nursing Knowledge 2

Course Delivery : Online


This unit enables students to rationalise and critically examine the nursing management of the sick child/adolescent, and to generate and apply specialised paediatric nursing knowledge through the innovative and creative processes of linking theoretical knowledge with paediatric nursing practice. The unit provides students with opportunities to develop appropriate strategies and clinical teaching skills in the provision of education for the sick child/adolescent, parents, other siblings and staff and to develop skills and competence to function as an advanced paediatric nurse. It will explore further topics with reference to nursing care of the child with a health disorder.

All ages and various stages

Infants, children and adolescents go through various stages of physiological, psychological and social development. At each stage their needs are unique. Expert paediatric nurses understand this. This unit provides you with the opportunity you need to learn in depth about the unique needs of young people as they go through these important stages of development.

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Books, equipment and other materials are required to undertake the program and their cost is not included in the tuition fee.

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Course Summary

  • Prerequisites : Nil
  • CRICOS Eligibility : Not eligible for CRICOS. Offshore and domestic students only.
  • Delivery modes and locations : Online
  • AQF Level : 8 (Postgraduate)


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