Nursing Knowledge 1 - GCNNK1

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  • Prerequisites : Nil
  • CRICOS Eligibility : Eligible undertaken as part of the Graduate Diploma in Nursing - GDN
  • Delivery modes and locations : On campus – Sydney
  • AQF Level : 8 (Postgraduate)

About the Course

This unit aims to provide students with the opportunity to explore and evaluate the concept of advanced nursing practice and the role of the nurse in this area. In addition the components for a model of advanced nursing practice and specialised practices will be discussed. Selected models of advanced nursing practice including Benner’s model of expert practice will be examined with reference to students’ clinical experience or work practice.

Know More – Nurse Better

You are a qualified Registered Nurse (RN). You already have the knowledge and skills required to provide a high standard of nursing care to patients and make a valuable contribution to the healthcare system. So what if you knew more? What if you took your knowledge to the next level? Consider the potential for enhancing patient outcomes and becoming an expert at what you do.

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