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Nursing Knowledge 2 – GCNNK2

Quick Facts

  • AQF Level:
    8 (Postgraduate)

  • Delivery Mode:
    Online, On-Campus

  • Tuition Fee:
    AUD $1500.00

Course Overview

  • Award Titles: Nursing Knowledge 2 – GCNNK2
  • Organisation Delivering the Program: Institute of Health & Management (HEP ID: PRV 14040)


This unit aims to develop students’ further understanding of the scope of advanced nursing practice. It will build on students’ knowledge and understanding of critical events across the lifespan and their effects on individuals and families. The content will include further understanding of acute, chronic, psychosocial, mental, rehabilitation, aged and community nursing care, principles and management of clients with consideration to aetiological, environmental, demographic and lifestyle factors, nutritional, microbiological involvement and psychosocial factors. Pharmacological knowledge and pathophysiological manifestations and, where relevant, factors influencing morbidity and mortality are examined. Documentation forms including current documenting systems will be discussed. In addition, clinical skills are reinforced using simulated case scenarios.

Infants, children and adolescents go through various stages of physiological, psychological and social development. At each stage their needs are unique. Expert paediatric nurses understand this. This unit provides you with the opportunity you need to learn in depth about the unique needs of young people as they go through these important stages of development.

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