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Nursing Knowledge 2 – GCNNK2

Course Summary

  • Prerequisites : Nil
  • CRICOS Eligibility : Eligible undertaken as part of the Graduate Diploma in Nursing - GDN
  • Delivery modes and locations : On campus - Sydney, Perth and Melbourne CBD, Online
  • AQF Level : 8 (Postgraduate)

About the Course

This unit aims to develop students' further understanding of the scope of advanced nursing practice. It will build on students' knowledge and understanding of critical events across the lifespan and their effects on individuals and families. The content will include further understanding of acute, chronic, psychosocial, mental, rehabilitation, aged and community nursing care, principles and management of clients with consideration to aetiological, environmental, demographic and lifestyle factors, nutritional, microbiological involvement and psychosocial factors. Pharmacological knowledge and pathophysiological manifestations and, where relevant, factors influencing morbidity and mortality are examined. Documentation forms including current documenting systems will be discussed. In addition, clinical skills are reinforced using simulated case scenarios.

Know More - Nurse Better

You are a qualified Registered Nurse (RN). You already have the knowledge and skills required to provide a high standard of nursing care to patients and make a valuable contribution to the healthcare system. So what if you knew more? What if you took your knowledge to the next level? Consider the potential for enhancing patient outcomes and becoming an expert at what you do.

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Books, equipment and other materials are required to undertake the program and their cost is not included in the tuition fee.

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