Graduate Diploma of Nursing ( Specialisation - Paediatric Nursing )

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  • Course Code : GDNP
  • Award Titles : Graduate Diploma of Nursing ( Specialisation - Paediatric Nursing )
  • AQF Level : 8
  • Accreditation : TEQSA
  • Duration : 1 Year full time and 2 year part time
  • Course delivery : Online (e-Learning)
  • Availability : Domestic and offshore. Not available for overseas (CRICOS) students
  • Registration : Does not lead to nurse registration in Australia


The aims of phase 1 of the course are to:

  • Develop knowledge and skills in the principles of practice in paediatric nursing;
  • Promote the team concept in meeting children/adolescents’ specific needs in the acute, chronic or rehabilitation phases of illness and or/disability;
  • Increase and enhance an awareness of the importance of the family unit in paediatric nursing;
  • Provide graduate nurses with educational opportunities specific to the role of the paediatric nurse, thereby facilitating their professional growth and development;
  • Increase the awareness of providing accuracy and quality of nursing decisions;
  • Develop competence and skills in research and evidence-based practice in paediatric nursing;
  • Develop skills to investigate, challenge and improve current practice in paediatric nursing;
  • Develop knowledge of contemporary theories that inform practice;
  • Provide knowledge related to the social and political dynamics within current health care environment;
  • Provide skills to adapt to the changing needs within the health care environment including its political processes that facilitate institutional and social change;
  • Provide skills to engage in collaborative relationships with agencies and other health care professions nationally as well as to acquire up to date knowledge and skills in paediatric nursing practice through the exploration of a range of research of best practices; and
  • Provide leadership and management theories and skills related to senior nursing role and responsibilities such as day to day running of a paediatric ward or environment including the needs of the community and mentoring of the newly qualified graduates.

Inquiries and Applications

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Admission Requirements

  • To be eligible for entry as a domestic student you must be:

    • An Australian citizen or permanent resident;
    • Qualified with a degree in nursing or equivalent;
    • Registered with APHRA as a division 1 nurse and;
    • Working in the area of paediatric nursing at the time of applying
  • To be eligible for entry as an offshore student you must be:

    • An international graduate with a Bachelor of Nursing or equivalent;
    • Registered with the National Nursing Board in the country in which you practice;
    • Working in nursing when you apply and;
    • Candidates are welcome with lower bands as well.

Units of Study

Phase 1
Paediatric Nursing Knowledge 1 PCPN3981
Paediatric Nursing Knowledge 2 PCPN3982
Clinical Project PCPN3983
Research in Nursing PCPN3984
Phase 2*
Evidence Based Practice in Nursing and Specialisations PCPN3985
Clinical Leadership and Management in Nursing and Specialisations PCPN3986
Professional Issues and Policies in Nursing and Specialisations PCPN3987
ePortfolio PCPN3988

*To receive the award, students must complete all units in both phases of the course. Students who complete only phase 1 will receive a certificate of completion and an academic transcript of results


AUD $10,000

(Two semester program, delivered online from Australia)

**Students have the option to exit after one semester with Graduate Certificate in Nursing (Pediatrics)

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