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GDNP – Graduate Diploma of Nursing (Specialisation – Paediatric Nursing)

Quick Facts

  • AQF Level:

  • Delivery Mode:

  • Tuition Fee:
    AUD $11,750.00

  • Accreditation:

  • Course duration:
    52 weeks

Course Overview

  • Award Titles: Graduate Diploma in Nursing Paediatric Nursing specialisation
  • Duration: 52 weeks
  • Campus: Rosanna
  • Nested Course: Graduate Certificate in Nursing
  • Organisation Delivering the Program: Institute of Health & Management (HEP ID: PRV 14040)
  • Organisation Issuing Certification: Institute of Health & Management (HEP ID: PRV 14040)
  • Scholarships available: Click here to know more


The Graduate Diploma in Paediatric Nursing specialisation prepares general nurses with advanced knowledge and skills in the specialised field of paediatric nursing. This program will allow nurses to practice safely and competently in a variety of paediatric nursing settings. Paediatric nurses provide nursing care needs to infants, children and adolescents who progress rapidly through stages of physical, mental and social development.

The goal of this program is to provide paediatric nursing knowledge that prepares nurses to provide quality and safe nursing interventions. The program emphasises scholarship and critical thinking skills needed to practice in the paediatric nursing arena. Paediatric nursing presents unique challenges and issues. Paediatric nurses must respond and integrate new technologies and treatments into their practice to provide safe, effective, and high-quality nursing care. Paediatric nurses apply evidence-based nursing knowledge into their paediatric nursing practice.

IHM considers you a ‘Domestic’ student if you are a citizen or permanent resident of Australia;
a citizen of New Zealand; or a permanent humanitarian visa holder.

Course Details

Course Aims

The aims of the course are to:

  • Develop nurses’ knowledge of contemporary theories that inform paediatric nursing practice
  • Develop nurses’ knowledge and skills in the principles of practice in paediatric nursing
  • Promote among nurses’ the team nursing concept in meeting infants, children and adolescents’ specific health care needs in the acute, chronic or rehabilitation phases of illness or injury
  • Increase and enhance nurses’ awareness of the importance of the family unit and its involvement in care in paediatric nursing
  • Provide graduate nurses with advanced educational opportunities specific to the role of the paediatric nurse, thereby facilitating their professional growth and development
  • Increase nurses’ accuracy and quality of advanced paediatric nursing clinical decisions
  • Develop nurses’ skills to investigate, challenge and improve current practice in paediatric nursing
  • Provide the nurses with skills to adapt to the changing needs within the health care environment
  • Advance nurses’ knowledge in leadership and management theories


Through undertaking this course, students will:

  • Enhance their ability to progress their career as an advanced paediatric nurse
  • Gain the leadership and management skills required of the advanced paediatric nurse
  • Develop and extend the nurses’ critical thinking skills, knowledge of paediatric nursing practice, management and accountability across a range of healthcare settings
  • Achieve the professional attributes of a paediatric nurse, maintain professional standards and engage in lifelong learning
  • Provide quality and safe care to paediatric patients and their families
  • Think critically and make effective clinical decisions
  • Practice nursing in a variety of paediatric settings
  • Gain additional professional recognition
  • Improve employability
  • Progress to further study such as Master’s and PhD programs

Benefits of Online Study

Studying online allows students to:

  • Continue to work while studying, relating course content to professional practice.
  • Maintain a flexible schedule that fits with other life commitments and activities
  • Be part of an interactive online student community sharing online ideas thoughts and experiences with other classmates in different global locations
  • Receive quality support and interact with academics and professional support staff through the internet and telephone

Admission Requirements

To be eligible for admission to the GDNP course, an applicant must:

  • Be a Registered Nurse in Australia or country of origin.
  • Work experience of one year required, preferably in the chosen area of nursing specialisation

Applications will be accessed on a case by case basis by course coordinator in accordance with the Student Selection and Admission Policy and Procedures for Course delivered to Overseas Students. Candidates with lower scores encouraged to apply

Course Units

Semester 1

UoS Code

Title of UoS

Credit Points


Semester 2

UoS Code

Title of UoS

Credit Points

PCPN3985Evidence Based Practice in Nursing and Specialisations
PCPN3986Clinical Leadership and Management in Nursing and Specialisations
PCPN3987Professional Issues and Policies in Nursing and Specialisations

This unit aims to provide students with the opportunity to explore and evaluate the concept of advanced nursing practice and the role of the nurse in this area. In addition, the components for a model of advanced nursing practice and specialised practices will be discussed.

Selected models of advanced nursing practice including Benner’s model of expert practice will be examined with reference to students’ clinical experience or work practice.

Assessment Modes : Written Assessments, Presentations and Multiple Choice Tests.

This unit aims to build on students’ knowledge and understanding of critical events across the lifespan and their effects on individuals and families. The content will include further understanding of acute, chronic, psychosocial, mental, rehabilitation, aged and community nursing care, principles and management of clients with consideration to an etiological, environmental, demographic and lifestyle factors, nutritional, microbiological involvement and psychosocial factors.

Pharmacological knowledge and pathophysiological manifestations and, where relevant, factors influencing morbidity and mortality are examined. Documentation forms including current documenting systems will be discussed. In addition, clinical skills are reinforced using simulated case scenarios.

Assessment Modes : Written Assessments and Multiple Choice Tests.

Students who are enrolled in this course are expected to be working for a minimum of 3 days per week in a nursing setting as this will enable them to integrate the knowledge learned in this course to work practice. However, to further enhance students’ ability to integrate theory into work practice, including the development of skills and level of decision-making expected of a nurse, this unit of study provides students with the autonomy to define and pursue specific clinical practice experiences.

Such experiences will provide for synthesis and application of knowledge via observation of and participation in clinical activities.

Assessment Modes : Written Assessments and Online Assignments.

This unit aims to provide students with research knowledge and skills required to conduct research projects appropriate to their current professional practice. It will further enhance students’ knowledge and skills in nursing research paradigms and identify the significance of research findings to nursing practice. The topics that will be included are: review of research methodologies; ethical considerations; examination and analysis of the research process; sampling techniques in qualitative and quantitative methodologies; analysis of research data; interpreting and critiquing reports; and developing a research proposal.

Assessment Modes : Written Assessments and Multiple Choice Tests.

The aims of the unit are to define the protocols for evidence-based research; introduce students to the process of conducting evidence-based research; and utilise evidence-based research to guide nursing practice.

Assessment Modes : Written Assessments and Multiple Choice Tests.

This unit aims to provide students with an understanding of the role of clinical leadership and management specific to the challenges faced by nurses working in various clinical environments. The unit will provide students with an overview of the impact of social, political and economic processes on the Australian Health care system. Students will also be given the opportunity to explore and evaluate the full potentials of the role of a clinical leader in specialist clinical organisations, including promoting and maintaining excellence in specialised care. It also aims to enable the student to critically examine the components of clinical leadership and management that can be applicable in Nursing and Specialisation practice.

Assessment Modes : Written Assessments and Multiple Choice Tests.

This unit provides the students with the opportunity to explore the inter-relationship between nursing practice, health policy, and a range of social, technological, environmental, cultural, economic and political issues that influence health and health care practice.

Assessment Modes : Written Assessments and Multiple Choice Tests.

This unit aims to foster career building, personal and professional development and critical reflection. ePortfolios are a new and exciting concept that are being adopted by higher education institutions throughout Australia and have already gained widespread acceptance overseas. Developing an ePortfolio will enable students to present evidence of their academic and professional achievements during the undertaking of this course. Students will gain a better understanding by reflecting on their own abilities, academic achievements and their identity as both a healthcare professional and a scholar.

Assessment Modes : Written Assessments and Multiple Choice Tests and Online Assignments.

Course Start Dates

Rosanna Online

  • 1 Nov 2021

Fees and charges

For Online students :
Tuition Fee : AUD $11,750.00
Administration (Non-Tuition) Fee : AUD $250.00 (Non Refundable)

**Students have the option to exit after one semester with Graduate Certificate in Nursing (Pediatrics)

Books, equipment and other materials are required to undertake the program and their cost is not included in the tuition fee.

Fees and Charges 2021
Fees Charges and Refunds Policy and Procedure

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