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Dental Career Advancement Program (DCAP) – For Interns

Quick Facts

  • Delivery Mode:

  • Tuition Fee:
    AUD $2,000

  • Course duration:
    32 weeks

Course Overview

  • Course Name: Dental Career Advancement Program (DCAP) – For Interns
  • Duration: 32 weeks *32 Saturdays to prepare ADC written examination
  • Delivery Mode: Online


DCAP for interns is the new non-awarded course model curated for budding dentists who are currently undergoing their 1-year mandatory internship as part of their bachelor’s degree. This 32-week course is specially designed to assist overseas dental graduates in preparing and clearing ADC written examination to be a registered Dentist in Australia.

This course is carefully designed to cater to the ADC exam aspirants to sharpen theoretical knowledge by understanding the concepts of dental practice in Australia, review and upgrade their reasoning skills and learn about applying clinical judgment as per the Australian Therapeutic Guidelines.

The course promotes an environment of critical enquiry testing of ideas and expansion of Dentistry knowledge to be skilled, competent, confident, and essential thinking registered dentists in Australia. DCAP for Interns aims to build on the previous knowledge, skills, and life/ work experiences of qualified dental graduates with additional knowledge about the Australian healthcare system and current standards of dental practice.

The course promotes an environment of critical enquiry, testing of ideas, generation, and expansion of dentistry knowledge to be skilled, competent and confident registered dentists in Australia while they undergo their internship in the country of their origin.

* This course will assist Intern dental graduate to better utilise their time by learning the International dentistry practice standards and by preparing for the Australian Dental Council written examinations.

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About the Program

The Dental Career Advancement Program (DCAP)-Interns is a preparatory course that enhances a candidate’s professional knowledge and prepares them for the Australian Dental Council (ADC) written examination. Designed by registered dentists in Australia, this non-awarded preparatory program prepares overseas dental graduates/intern dentists to prepare for the ADC written examination (Part-1) while they complete their mandatory internship as a part of their dental school curriculum.

Aims of the Course

The course aims to:

  • Offer a structured approach and constant support to overseas graduating interns by better utilising their learning period and designing their career overseas in Australia
  • Help the budding dentists to attain an academic environment with exceptional guidance.
  • Help the students obtain a smooth transition between the endpoint of Dental school and starting point of a professional career

Course Structure

The course has been specifically designed and curated to be aligned as per the disciplines and subdisciplines that the candidates will be tested on the day of examination.

Each topic within the specific disciplines will be taught in addition to which informative resources and handbooks will be provided.

Unit Name Topic Name
AI001 Academic Integrity *
AI002 Aboriginal Health *
Core Units
DNAU001 Introduction to Australia ADC Examination
DNAU002 Endodontics and Restorative Dentistry
DNAU003 Prosthodontics & Implantology
DNAU004 Oral Pathology and Medicine
DNAU005 Oral Surgery
DNAU006 General Medicine
DNAU007 Dental Emergencies
DNAU008 Infection prevention and control
DNAU009 Paediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics
DNAU010 Pain and Behaviour Management
DNAU011 Preventive Dentistry
DNAU012 Periodontics
DNAU013 Pharmacology
DNAU014 Radiography

* General mandatory unit.

Features of the Course

This course includes live MCQ discussions for all the ADC units and topics of interest with solved questions backed up with references from articles, journals, guidelines, and reference books recommended by ADC.

  • Live ADC past paper discussions
  • Live discussions of IHM’s grant master SBQs.
  • Weekly Mock tests with 3-5 SBQ’s
  • Model exams comprise 70 questions, SBQ’s to be completed in 2 hours.
  • Odell case recordings by Registered Dentists in Australia (75 essential case scenarios)
  • Access to IHM’S world-class online library
  • Access to all the learning materials through IHM’s learning management system

Admission Criteria

The course requires general dental graduates who:

  • Have completed their final year examination and entered the Internship of their dental course


What is the course duration, and how is it delivered?

  • This course will be delivered for 32 Weeks which, can be taken from any part of the world
  • Mode of delivery – Online
  • Mode of study – Weekly 3 hours session directly from Australia for consecutive 32 Saturdays, this live video sessions will be coordinated by Australian Registered dentist.

The course is delivered via an online platform with resource bank which consists of essential MCQs, past papers, IHM’s Grand Master SBQs, journals, articles, guidelines, important reference books, previous question papers segregated yearly wise, quizzes, and model exams.

Through our tailored video recordings, each Odell Case is explained thoroughly by AHPRA registered dentists who use their own clinical experience in Australia to guide you through them. The videos are short and precise through which you will gain an insight into the real dental practices in Australia.

Is it mandatory to have a dental registration to study this course?

This course is specially designed for fresh intern dental graduates to assist them in preparing for their ADC written examination by better utilising their internship period in dental school. Anyone who has cleared Final year dental school can join this course.

How will I know more about the course enrolment details?

If you would like to know more about this preparatory program, please submit an enquiry at IHM, and one of our friendly admission consultants will be in touch with you soon.

What learning materials are included in this course?

All our resources are available through our – learning management system. The learning materials include:

  • Solved Multiple Choice Questions and Scenario Based Questions backed up with references from articles, journals, guidelines, and reference books recommended by ADC.
  • Odell Cases video recordings – Through our tailored video recordings, each Odell Case is explained thoroughly by AHPRA registered dentists who use their own clinical experience in Australia to guide you through them. The videos are short and precise through which you will gain an insight into the real dental practices in Australia.
  • Our learning resources include essential MCQs, past paper, IHM’s grandmaster SBQs and chronologically segregated previous questions.
  • Discussion forums
  • Access to peer-reviewed journal articles
  • Access to eBooks through our world-class online library
  • Core textbooks recommended by ADC

Course Start Dates

  • Sep 11, 2021

Why Choose Us?

Our one of a kind DCAP for interns has been designed in a way to help you succeed in your career in Australia. Some of the reasons why you should choose us are:

  • Our program has been curated by ADC exam graduates working and practicing in Australia by better understanding the assistance needed for an overseas dentist to successfully clear ADC examinations.
  • Ihm is the only provider in Australia, offering such a kind of preparation programs for overseas dental graduate interns.
  • Our course structure is designed in a way that the study topics are modelled as per the ADC exam pattern.
  • Student-centric teaching method enhanced by the state-of-the-art learning management system
  • Content and learning materials currently relevant and designed to ace the ADC Written examination at first go, graduate interns will be well equipped to appear for the ADC written examination soon after they gets their dental registration in their country of origin
  • Our one-of-a-kind tailored video recordings, where each Odell Case is explained thoroughly by AHPRA registered dentists who use their own clinical experience in Australia to guide you through them
  • Our educators are well qualified and experienced with commitment and passion for working towards their goals.
  • We provide constant support and guidance to our students to enable them to accomplish their ADC dream.

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