Placing students’ learning needs and their access to acquiring skills and knowledge as a top imperative, IHM has undertaken several student-centred measures to respond to risks posed by the coronavirus pandemic.

One of the initiatives the institute has taken is to provide complete online learning solutions for the students, streamlining and smoothening processes of delivery of learning modules and assessments so that courses can be completed successfully. All students, whether domestic or international, doing face to face or blended learning, the IHM courses commenced full-fledged online learning sessions with effect from 30 March 2020.

This means students do not require to visit institute campuses; instead, they can attend their classes from home at the scheduled hours. All they need is a computer and an internet connection. Learning materials will be available on the Knowledge Hub and the Microsoft Teams course channel, and their educators will deliver lectures and conduct discussion sessions online. Unlike a class environment, students will have more personalised learning opportunities through online activities, quizzes, polls and much more interactives.

At the outset, are you taking an online course for the first time? Here are a few study tips for learning online. This may assist you in getting the most out of your virtual study sessions.

1. Get acquainted with the system

Before the start of classes, make sure you have the required hardware and software in place. You will need regular access to a computer with an internet connection. High-speed broadband access is highly recommended for the optimal learning experience. You may also use tablets/iPads, smartphones or other mobile devices; choose the device that you can work on easily.

Ensure that you have downloaded Microsoft Teams. You should receive an email from the course coordinator or your educator confirming your class details and giving information on how to log in and get started.

2. Create a dedicated study space

It’s always good to have a dedicated space at home for the online learning sessions to make your learning more effective. Make a clear distinction between where you study and where you sleep or take breaks; remove any distractions from the space to help you focus on studies and assessments.

3. Set reflective goals for every online session

Before joining an online class, make sure you know the topic being covered during the session; confirm the same from your teacher if unsure. Ask yourself what you hope to accomplish in each session. Setting a clear goal helps you stay motivated to complete a set of online course modules. When you set goals, make them specific and easily measurable, such as “I’ll listen to the lecture, raise questions using the ‘chat’ tool in Session 1, participate in the follow-up activities and complete the first assignment.” You will enjoy the progress you will be making and feel rewarded, for sure!

4. Schedule your class and sessions

Open your calendar; you can use Google, Apple, or any calendar app. Schedule your class and sessions within the designated class hours shared to you by the institute, at timings that are most convenient for you. Maintain a to-do-list; your teacher may help train you on setting up automated to-do-lists in the Notebook on the MS Teams.

5. Actively take notes, join discussions and perform activities

Note-taking is a good exercise to promote active thinking and be attentive to what you are learning. The Collaboration Space within the MS Teams can be a good tool for synthesising key points, sharing your opinions and resources, asking questions about assignments and so on. Research by Coursera has revealed that students who participate in discussion forums are 37% more likely to complete a course. Make as many posts as you want and get engaged!

Please feel free to post your comments and feedback as a part of your experience and observations during your online classes. Wish you pleasant and rewarding online learning experiences with IHM.

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  1. Respected sir/madam
    Kindly let us know if epiqrn course is avaliable willbe helpfull if we get online classes.thanking you.

  2. Hello team .is there chance students can do EPIQ RN Programs Online,I m old student finish My GDN last year …if bridging program also online will big benefit for old students

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