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Graduate Diploma in Nursing

Medication calculation is a skill all doctors, surgeons, nurses and practitioners in general need to master. This is one aspect of treatment that cannot be overlooked no matter what the conditions are. Drug calculations can be performed by knowing the conversion formulas, form and amount of the drug, ratio and proportion, and calculation of the intravenous flow rate. This is something many students dread when they first study pharmacology but thanks to the information age the task to calculate drug dosage accurately has become simple and straight forward.

Now there are digital drug calculators and smartphones available out there that make it possible to perform better medication calculation. It has become better in the sense that the chances of drug error are minimized because there is now a computer performing the calculations and not the human brain. Another benefit of using a digital tool is time saving. If a nurse has not mastered the skill of medication calculation, they would need to look into textbooks and other resources and waste precious time in the process.

Administering drugs to patients still remains one of the most important contributors to a correct treatment and quick recovery. Drug errors should be minimized especially in the intensive care and cardiac care units using the latest digital gadgets and tools. Nurses can now make use of their smartphone to calculate the correct and recommended dosage of a medicine.

The smartphone apps are designed to review, calculate and administer medication in a single step. This greatly enhances the productivity of a nurse or a practitioner and he or she is able to keep records more accurately and timely. However, one shouldn’t rely on these tools all the time. Every nurse, whether she is enrolled or registered, needs to learn the skill of drug calculations so that they can perform their duties with more confidence and self-assurance. Moreover, they can countercheck the calculations performed by a digital tool in order to identify an error.

Nurses can now get enrolled into courses designed to improve their math skills in order to become better practitioners and more in control of their actions. These courses teach drug calculations and formulas to calculate drug dosage accurately in different situations and cases. The latest research topics are also provided in these courses for further study in the field of safe medication calculation and administering and monitoring drugs.





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