Choose Your Nursing Specialities

 Choose Your Nursing Specialities

Today’s nurses have no shortage of opportunities for working in a specialty of their choice. Ranging from paediatric nursing to trauma nursing, orthopaedic nursing to aged care, nurse can pick a specialty of their choice and aptitude.

While skilled nurses in any specialty will always find job openings in plenty, there are some fields in which nurses are in especially high demand. This includes critical care nursing and emergency/ trauma nursing. Nurses who take up these positions require higher levels of experience, training and skills and must be quick to think on their feet.

So, when you are choosing your specialty, what are the factors that can help you decide?

Your present experience: You can build upon the experience you already have and take up higher responsibilities in the same field, or you can choose to move to a different field where the skills you already have will be found valuable. What do you enjoy most? If you love children, then paediatric nursing is a good choice. Nurses with high levels of patience and compassion can work with the aged or in mental health.

Your stress quotient: Not all nurses are capable of taking up the extreme stress and patient losses that are associated with some specialties, for example oncology nursing. Some nurses tend to get traumatised when dealing with death on a daily basis. Others are incapable of making instant decisions in a critical care situation, where the loss of time can lead to the patient’s condition worsening.

Nursing career options

 Nursing career options

Internships: As a student, consider taking up an internship in a field that you would like to explore. You can experience different types of specialties and decide which one you would like to undergo further training in and take up as a career stream. Hands-on experience will help you to make that decision easily.

Your personality: Your personality has an important role to play when you decide on the specialty you want to take up. If you are comfortable in the role of a leader, then you can become a team leader, nurse manager or supervisor. You can even rise to the top ranks of nursing executive leadership with some extra training. Nurses who are very systematic and pay attention to theoretical detail could work as nursing research assistants.

Your inclination toward technology: If you have always loved all things technology, then a career in nursing informatics or telemetry may be right up your sleeve. Innovations in technology are at the cutting edge of medicine, and today information technology plays an important role in all fields of nursing. Communication between various teams is an important aspect of patient care. Nursing informatics specialists help to smoothen communication processes, and are an important part of healthcare delivery.

Location preferences: You can also pick your specialty depending on your preferences of location. You can see the world as a travelling nurse, or work in a school or in a clinic. Community hospitals give you a greater chance to connect with the community and do more for lesser privileged patients. Teaching hospitals are usually in sync with the latest developments in technology and you can learn new methods and best practices in nursing. Some nurses prefer the idyllic, stress free setting that comes with rural nursing.

Take your time to zero in upon a specialty that suits your career goals and life situations. Whatever may be your final choice, the bottom line is that your patients must get the best quality care that is possible in each situation and setting. That, ultimately, is the goal of healthcare and one that can never be compromised upon.

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