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Opportunity for Overseas Nurses

It is no secret that the global nursing market is booming. Reports suggest that in Australia, the demand for nursing jobs will soar over 45% by 2019-20 while in the US, it will increase by around 26% during the same period.  It means there is always a strong demand for nurses in the international market and you will be able to find a job easily.

Some of the specialities in the nursing sector are always in-demand. The salary structure of these specialities are also very high. This is because the population in all most all western countries are getting older and more treatment options are available for all sorts of illnesses. Basic courses like the Diploma of Nursing will always help you to get immediate job placements and later you can go for specialisations. If you are seriously pursuing a career in nursing, you must read the following.

Nursing Anaesthetist

A nurse in the anaesthetist role administers anaesthesia to patients under the supervision of an anesthesiologist. These nursing professionals work closely with surgeons, anesthesiologists, dentists and podiatrists so that the anaesthesia medications are safely administered. Nurses with a master’s degree in the nursing anaesthesia program are very high in demand and their salary is around AUD 1, 80,000 per year.

Nursing Dialysis

Dialysis nursing is one of the fastest growing specialties in the nursing job field. These nurses assist patients whose kidneys are not working properly and who have to use dialysis machines to get rid of waste products from the body. Theses nurses are in demand on cruise ships as well.  Nurses specialised in dialysis enjoy a working schedule of 9 to5 compared to the traditional 12-hour nursing shift. These nurses are offered a starting salary of around AUD 85,000 per year.

Legal Nurse Consultant

This is another fast emerging speciality sector in the global nursing profession. This is a fine job for those who do not want to work in a hospital. Many in this field work in a law office or even from their home. You can use your nursing expertise to consult on lawsuits that are related to medical issues. You can offer an attorney very cost effective expertise about the health care system and about nursing. Some of the things that you will do in this field include research, discovery, reviewing standards of care, checking medical records, preparing reports, and finding expert witnesses.

Case Manager Nursing

The job of the case manager is to monitor how a patient is progressing and evaluate the patients’ care. Sometimes you will suggest other treatments or sometimes you will be arguing for the patient. But, in some other cases, the case managers will try to find the most cost-effective care for the insurance provider. Many people in this field are employed by insurance companies.

Pediatric Nursing

If you are young at heart and enjoy working with infants and young children, paediatric nursing will suit you. The care and education of young children is a very important branch of healthcare. Pediatric nursing offers many opportunities to develop long lasting relationships with young patients and growing families.

 Cardiac Nursing   

Cardiac nurses are trained nurses who receive special training in the heart and other cardiac related support systems. They may work in special cardiac care centers or in more general hospital settings.

Nursing Informatics

Nurses who enjoy working with data communication and electronic file management systems are in demand to help increase the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic medical record keeping.  The modern healthcare system recognizes the need for communication between information technology personnel and health care practitioners in order to address the issues of patient care. The information technology is applicable in almost all fields of nursing which varies from paediatric nursing to trauma care nursing. Nurse informatics specialists are an integral part of the healthcare delivery process and a deciding factor in the evaluation, selection and implementation of healthcare.

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