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Board of Directors

The Board of Governors of the Institute of Health & Management (IHM) is responsible for the overall conduct, management, administration, and control as regards the affairs of the organisation. The basic responsibility of the Board is to represent the interests of IHM, while observing the statutes of organisation as a private higher education provider.

The Board of Governors carries out its responsibilities in a stewardship role, delegating the day-to-day management of IHM to the Senior Management Team and governance and organisational committees.

Policies and procedures have been developed and implemented to ensure ethical conduct and compliance. These have been approved by the Board.

The Board of Governors is assisted by Organisational Committees which help the Board meet its corporate and regulatory obligations. Having established these committees, the Board understands that these structures will play a significant part in its deliberations and how it operates at a strategic level. As such, the committee structures will be reviewed on a regular basis, with annual performance reports sent to the Board.

In addition to the committees, the Board of Governors may establish specific sub-committees or working parties to address projects or issues.

All operations of the Board of Governors and the related committees are to be undertaken within a culture of respect, integrity, accountability, good faith, due diligence, sound governance, risk management and sustainability – as befits a private higher education provider.

Terms of Reference

Academic Board

The purpose of the Academic Board is to ensure that academic activity is promoted and conducted, in a manner that is conducive to IHM’s success as a Higher Education institution. This includes all relevant legislative and ethical requirements. The Board will encourage the development and maintenance of high standards of teaching, learning and scholarship. The Academic Board oversees academic governance and provides advice to the Board of Governors on all relevant matters. Additionally, it is responsible for advising on all academic matters regarding IHM: the overview of academic programs of the organisation, assessment standards, practices, accreditation and accountability requirements. The advice may relate to, but is not to be limited to, the following:

  • Academic policies and procedures
  • Academic quality assurance mechanisms including community engagement
  • Teaching, learning and research activities
  • Assessment monitoring/moderation
  • Benchmarking academic standards
  • Teaching staff succession planning

To assist with these matters, the Academic Board has established a number of committees, primarily the Teaching and Learning Committee, the Course Advisory and Development Committee, the Library Committee, the Survey Management Committee and the Research Committee.


The committees set up by IHM are delegated responsibility for specific operational and academic areas. All committees responsible for academic matters report either directly or indirectly to the Academic Board.

Committees responsible for operational matters report to the Board of Governors.

Each committee has its own Terms of Reference, which establish provisions for subcommittees and for the oversight of projects carried out by staff or groups of staff (known as working parties).

Policies, Procedures and Guidelines

The ‘Policies and Procedures’ page contains information about the policy framework applicable to IHM.

Policies and Procedures

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